Eco slim in quetta, La sentenza della Corte costituzionale e l’equilibrismo di Puigdemont

Le Boulengé, H. Thanks to its geographical position, facing eastwards but on the shores of the Mediterranean, Puglia has always been a land where cultures have met, clashed, and merged, a fertile melting pot, but one where each cultural segment has maintained its identity intact.

Puglia is the halfway house between Rome and Athens, the meeting point between north Europeans, Arabs, Turks and Normans, all of whom have left tangible signs that have withstood the passing of the centuries. A natural choice therefore when it comes to hosting an event like the Biennial, a place that reflects the very spirit of the occasion, held to celebrate the productively peaceful encounter among artists from a new generation who share a common heritage called the Mediterranean.

Which is why I am delighted to welcome the 13th edition of the Biennial to Puglia, an event that I first visited when I was very much younger at its debut in Barcelona. I feel that it is vital to look at Europe through its Mediterranean perspective. A mission and eco slim in quetta challenge that we are all ready to face. This undertaking seemed impossible just a year ago when the cancellation of the event scheduled for Alexandria in Egypt seemed to delay the plans for an event eco slim in quetta the southern shore of the Mediterranean and forced us to draw up a new course.

eco slim in quetta

Setting out on the road to Puglia, my homeland, was an exciting and crucial journey in what was the international year of intercultural dialogue. Historically, a crossroads for different peoples and a workshop of social and cultural experimentation, this region has provided a concrete response to the three core themes of the Biennial: bringing together contemporary artistic languages; a dialogue of peace and collaboration via culture and young people; and creativity as the drive behind local economic development.

In a new approach, the Biennial will develop through a course of relationships and exchanges with the Balkans that commenced in Sarajevo in March and will lead us into and Skopje, the venue for the 14th edition.

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For the first time, we have the participation of artists from 46 European and Mediterranean countries and the busy program of round tables, workshops and meetings organized by BJCEM in conjunction with the artistic programme will bring intellectuals, economists, artists, sociologists and cultural operators to Bari to discuss the themes and prospects of this part of the world.

I wish to thank all those who have made the Biennial possible with their work, their support and their enthusiasm and I hope the young artists will truly find it a space for freedom and change. Una terra a metà strada tra Roma e Atene, punto di incontro per Svevi e Arabi, Turchi e Normanni, che qui hanno lasciato tracce ancora visibili e incuranti del passaggio dei secoli. La seconda considerazione combacia con eco slim in quetta precisa volontà di questa Regione di implementare le politiche di cooperazione con quei paesi che condividono con noi non solo strisce di mare, ma percorsi di dialogo interculturale e di scambi economici.

Ecco perché sono felice di ospitare qui in Puglia la XIII edizione della Biennale, evento che perdere la flessibilità eco slim in quetta peso ha visto eco slim in quetta e curioso visitatore al suo debutto a Barcellona.

Una missione e una sfida che ci vedono già pronti. Storico crocevia di genti e laboratorio di sperimentazione sociale e culturale, questa regione è il luogo dove le tre anime della Biennale hanno trovato risposte concrete: il confronto tra i linguaggi artistici contemporanei, il dialogo di pace e collaborazione attraverso la cultura e i giovani, la creatività come motore di sviluppo economico dei territori.

Non un evento di passaggio, dunque, ma di svolta, in linea con lo spirito di questa edizione, Kairos, momento propizio per cambiare. In frullato sano per la perdita di grasso nuovo la Biennale si sviluppa attraverso un percorso di relazioni e scambi con i Balcani iniziato a Sarajevo nel mese di marzo e che ci conduce nel a Skopje, sede della XIV edizione.

Ringrazio tutti quelli che hanno reso possibile con il loro lavoro, il loro sostegno, il loro entusiasmo la Biennale e ai giovani artisti auguro che qui possano trovare un vero spazio di libertà e di eco slim in quetta.

Abbiamo voluto puntare sulla creatività dei giovani, convinti delle concrete possibilità che le loro idee generino novità, che le novità si trasformino in prodotti, che i prodotti creino occupazione e dunque sviluppo.

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Questa è economia creativa. E il Made in Italy si nutre di creatività. Non a caso tutte le città che hanno ospitato le precedenti edizioni diventa più snello ebay questa importante manifestazione ne hanno capitalizzato gli effetti in modo significativo.

Adesso tocca a Bari.

eco slim in quetta

Con la nostra partecipazione eco slim in quetta Biennale intendiamo ribadire una certezza: la creatività giovanile genera occupazione. La creatività giovanile produce investimenti capaci di attrarre progetti, persone, capitali.


Inoltre realizza veri e propri prodotti di design, di pittura, di cinema, di multimedialità. Sarebbe un successo replicare questi numeri per la Puglia. This is creative economics. Were it not so, Italian products would not have become renowned the world over and Italian products feed on creativity.

That is why we consider the Biennial an essential development opportunity. It is no accident that all the cities that have hosted this major event in previous years have capitalized significantly on the effects. The European Union has six million workers in the industry linked to cultural phenomena, as shown by the latest study on the subject commissioned by the EU.

This employment has never suffered a recession; indeed, it even rose by 1. It helps tourism, industry and image of our region.

eco slim in quetta

Moreover, it creates design, painting, film and multimedia products. In Europe, culture is responsible for 2. It would be a great success to replicate these figures for Puglia. The key to the Puglia edition of the Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean Biennial is a joint vision of cultural policy open to innovation and diversity and a view of regional development intimately linked to its Euro-Mediterranean setting.

In the year dedicated to interculture, and more generally in the current historical context, cultural, social and economical integration among people eco slim in quetta different places and backgrounds, people who are neighbors but are not yet solidly connected, is the only feasible objective that can lead to development.

The only objective that can break the leaden framework of blind competitiveness and untrammeled globalization through the prosecution of polycentric policies and dialogue among the forces of youth and creativity.

Puglia has always been a frontier land, rich in cultural diversity and cross-pollination, and therefore welcomes the challenge of organizing an event aimed at the fertile juxtaposition of culture and territorial cooperation. For ten days Puglia will be the center of Europe and the Mediterranean: the launching pad for long seasons of fruitful dialogue and integration to issue a radical challenge to change, entrusted to the intelligence and creativity of the young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean.

eco slim in quetta

Ma, a mio parere, non si tratta solo di proiettare una nuova immagine a livello internazionale, di fare marketing o di misurare benefici economici.

A tutti i partecipanti auguro una buona permanenza e i migliori successi per il futuro.


Massimo Ostillio Regione Puglia Assessore al Turismo If, as the experts claim, every Euro invested in a cultural event in an area produces twenty times as eco slim in quetta, Puglia, which has long been innovating its policies in favor of tourism and activities linked to the arts and entertainment, is certainly on the right track. In my view, however, it is not just a case of projecting a new international image, marketing or measuring economic benefits because, apart from the positive repercussions for hotels and restaurants, business, the clothing and footwear sectors, farm produce and handicrafts, Puglia does not want to sacrifice the cultural enrichment of its communities, encounters and the exchange of different experiences, using tools of knowledge and the countless art forms to improve and increasingly open up to an international context in constant ferment.

It is with this spirit that a hospitable Puglia welcomes the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, which, now in its 13th edition, has chosen this region as its venue. I hope those taking part in the event may, with their creative and lively approaches, grasp the significant features of our land during their stay and that Puglia may in the future be a happy memory made of scenery, architecture and its heritage, but also remembered for the welcome afforded them by our communities.

If so, the image of this new Puglia, which is increasingly emerging as a tourist and cultural destination, will find further, formidable promotional appeal. The Biennial will be a major opportunity to verify the possibility of drawing up an attractive program perdere peso quando si è malati national and international cultural events throughout the year that will strategically help us promote the local image.

I wish all the participants an enjoyable stay and great success for the future. Di deragliare dai binari.


Di staccarsi dal tracciato dei solchi. Il futuro non è per sguardi incollati al presente né per pensieri reclusi nel passato. Il futuro è per chi rompe la linea del tempo e dello spazio, oltrepassa la sequenza del kronos, perlustra nuove realtà, immagina nuovi linguaggi, incalza un nuovo bisogno di senso.

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È tempo di disordine creativo, di spiazzamento generatore, di intelligenza eccentrica, insomma di idee che disorientino, di segni che sorprendano, di suoni che stupiscano. Diciamolo pure con coraggio: questo è tempo di disordini e di rumori, forse anche di caos positivo. Questo tempo è kairos, aperto al cambiamento, come la porticina di Benjamin, lasciata appena socchiusa perché in qualsiasi momento possa irrompere la novità.

Questo tempo ha un luogo e un eco slim in quetta propizi, il Mediterraneo e i giovani. La Puglia invita i giovani artisti della piazza mediterranea, perimetrata dai confini del mare, a incrociare le loro espressioni per disegnare un futuro avvincente. Una piazza perché i bollenti spiriti abbiano un luogo aperto per incontrare, ospitare, ascoltare, raccontare, conoscere. Per osare con curiosità.

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The time has come to break free from the ranks, to run off the rails, to move away from the traditional path. The future is not for people whose gaze is fixed firmly eco slim in quetta the present nor those whose thoughts are firmly entrenched in the past.

The future is for people who break away from the lines of time and space, who go beyond the kronos of sequential time, explore new realities, imagine new languages, and have a new need of sense. Because there is a need for vision, for a flash of imagination to conjure up new worlds, for a flash of genius to unleash unforeseen scenarios.

This time has a propitious place and a propitious theme: the Mediterranean and young people. Puglia has invited young artists from all over the Mediterranean to exchange their forms of artistic expression to design a winning future. The exhibition provides a setting in which boiling spirits can meet, play host and be hosted, listen, talk and find out more. Where they can dare and, at the same time, satisfy their curiosity.

Sono certo che le centinaia di giovani artisti attesi per questo grande evento troveranno ad accoglierli una realtà sensibile e attenta alle suggestioni della contemporaneità, un pubblico versatile e maturo, un numero crescente di appassionati ai linguaggi della creatività di questa giovane Europa.