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Alessandro studied piano and worked as a songwriter before realizing, about two years ago, that he could find in painting the most immediate means of expression; as opposed to music, in which a melody needs to be listened from the beginning to the last note, paint can be a sudden creative form.

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Notwithstanding the lack of a specific artistic background, his creative drive, like a burning flame, leads him to throw himself into the need of transferring his message on canvas, with absolute spontaneity: he decides to leave his feelings flow free with no rational intervention. The use of bright and vibrant primary colours is in line with tokyo vanity weight loss poetics of the liberating and unexpected artistic gesture: painting becomes a therapeutic moment during which ARP draws from the well of the oniric images that populate his subconscious mind.

There is also a third figure which accompanies the others, a superior guardian who flutters impalpable. Joseph Beuys Bogdan is an artist of Bulgarian origin who expresses his creativity through paintings and sculptures.

His conception of art is bevanda cetriolo brucia grassi materialistic and recalls the revolutionary theories developed by Joseph Beuys, one of the greatest artist-philosophers of the last century.

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Art is a form of energy, which passes from the artist to the work and which belongs to every human being in society. It is a kind of flow of information that passes through the artist as if through a portal.

When the portal it's open for me, I start to create. Information flows, time is not enough and I often paint several images at the same time".

The colors of the earth are a reference to the force of nature that is an input for the creative act. The work is the long-awaited moment for the artist to use his imagination and enclose his positive energies in a painting. Although it is an abstract painting, observing the work you can see shapes that suggest the idea of small cocoons, caterpillars, concentrates of vital energy ready to transform into beautiful butterflies.

And in the end a dream is a desire still imprisoned in the mind that waits to be realized concretely. Tokyo vanity weight loss artist knows that in nature you just have to wait for the right moment, because every little idea turns into something wonderful.

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Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot A stylist by training, Bruno Planade collaborated with many textile companies before becoming passionate about digital design. In the continuous search for a new graphic alphabet, he returns today to express himself through traditional media such as canvas and paper. As an artist, Bruno chooses to move away from figurative painting, allowing himself to a very strong abstract form of painting.

His canvases are material and show a deep sensitivity, typical of the artist, who leaves aside the figures and images, since they are unable to really express his unconscious nature.

A relationship, this, between art and the language of the unconscious that represents a path between dreams, visions and symbols.


A relationship that goes to the heart of the psyche, inside the deepest and darkest part around which the tokyo vanity weight loss soul revolves. If the dream, as Freud remembers, is the main way to access this unconscious world, so the art wanders, around the aesthetic visibility of the dream experience, within personal, historical and cultural scenarios. The work of the artist, therefore, projected on the scene of art, investigates the depiction of unconscious content and its techniques.

An artist, Bruno, sometimes too restrictive, who uses his pictorial tools to express his inner feeling. He chooses the body as a means of expression, as he is able to make explicit energy and movement, as in Bath Dream.

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A work characterized by intense shades of blue, whose association with natural elements, such as sky and crystal clear water, makes it among the colours universally preferred by artists. Commonly associated with harmony, loyalty, trust, distance, infinity, imagination, cold and sometimes sadness. A set of visual elements mixed with the intensity of modern life, create a very intense visual experience.

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She started painting in Being a self-taught artist, she focused on an artistic project based on the spontaneous and immediate expression of her emotions. The visual result is a series of bright coloured compositions in which different figures in movement weave together freely, with no rational order.

The research for a balance in the relationship between the space and shapes, the choice of a precise range of shades are aimed to create a dynamic effect similar to the one that we experience in dreams, going through the various oniric phases. In addition, the factor of gesturality plays a fundamental role and guides the eye of the observer tokyo vanity weight loss a journey that follows the evolution of the picture. Somewhere along the way, this kid got lost.

Recently I rediscovered bruciare caffè nero grasso, cleaned him up and gave him time and space to create. This is the way the Romanian artist Catalin Constantin describes himself: art is an emotional experience at a degrees vision.

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He represents a parallel world in a fantastic way, a dimension that is both mysterious and symbolic. His artworks are characterised by many illusions, suggestions and perceptions that create a geography of feelings, as we can observe in the artwork named Miss Butterfly.

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Among all the vivid colours, given through marked brushstrokes in a perfect distribution of spaces, Catalin Constantin is able to compose artworks that transfigure reality by combining the subjects with implicit symbology. A game of shapes, symbols and colours that is formed by pure suggestions. In tokyo vanity weight loss canvases, the creative process is organised through eco slim hong kong constructions marked by a vivid expressiveness.

Through his artistic language, Catalin shows a precise expressive exploration, an accurate interpretation that is never trivial and that is obtained with a certain harmony in the forms in a highly symbolic way; he is very skilled at developing a language of enigmatic and poetic abstraction. He stands out as a very eclectic artist who loves to experiment new techniques and expressive languages. Thanks to the union and interaction of the different elements he uses in his artworks, Catalin is able to show a peculiar executive skill and, above all, an interesting balance of signs and symbols that tend to characterise them.

The artist gives the observer a new way of looking, not only from the point of view of the subject, but also through the instruments she uses. Celina creates a surreal scenario, makes us protagonists of the work because the viewer feels inside it.

Her work, with continuous motion, completely envelops us. However surreal it appears, in truth, we can recognize real and natural elements, perhaps a seabed or rippling water, it is certainly a vibration for the soul of the observer.

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Without a doubt, the artist draws inspiration from the natural world, from which you can grasp details to reproduce, but above all from nature you get the uniqueness and the highest level of beauty that you can ever find. If perfection and beauty exist, they are surely traceable in nature. So Celina's work tends to reach the sublime.

The work of the artist Celina is the integration of various genres, from video art to digital art and generation art. Her work refers to the art that put in place the famous couple Steina and Woody Vasulka, pioneers of what will be all video art, not surprisingly they were the ones who devised the "morphing" technique. Celina creates a new aesthetic, gives a moment of silent beauty, her work is a real starting point, it is the point for reflection, it is also the meeting place between the viewer and her unconscious.

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Through the work "Morph", the artist gives us the opportunity to bring back dormant memories, dreams and emotions. Art curator Vanessa Viti Morph Chanterax Eclectic artist, original and with an innovative trait all wrapped in an atmosphere tokyo vanity weight loss Pop Art style.

In this work is the color the real bearer of emotions and the dream of a very special encounter. What I value the most about her art is the extraordinary inner solidity that allows her to consider art as a condition and instrument of truth. Chanterax captures the beauty of color as an objective poetic act representing the feelings of her inner world and thus making her stylistic figure recognizable.

Her expressiveness is of natural elegance and is combined with her extraordinary ability to confer magic and strength to let us savor and live the images she has created.

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A natural instinct for color that has allowed her to arrive in an autonomous creative world where the emotional drive from which her inspiration comes, emerges. In her work nothing is left to chance, her work is characterized by a strong tokyo vanity weight loss balance combined with the use of colors of considerable expressive scope.

Stopping in front of a work of Chanterax is like having the opportunity of a magical encounter with the mystery of a visual narrative linked to our daily life and our inner most self The vibrant force of the color, the brushstroke, the vitality, the lyricality, the energy and melody of the work are all very well cared for by the artist.

A class and an superfine elegance pervade in her work in which the brilliant coloristic touch of the inspired artist is denoted, which revives the form through chromaticism and reveals her pictorial quality in the externalization of a sensitive soul, ready to grasp the diversity giving atmospheres and moods tokyo vanity weight loss dwell in our unconscious.

The art of Chanterax understood as the transformation of visible reality into a conceptual symbolic meaning that goes beyond reality. A rare sensibility that in the expressiveness remains faithful to a clear and readable figuration. Art curator Giulia Zanesi Dreaming of You and I Cho Hui-Chin Artist attracted by the forms and the human soul, with accents of postcubiste suggestions within her works and probably moved by the desire to deconstruct and dynamically reconstruct the real, acquiring so a psychological introspection aimed to emotion.

An expressive language that has become more and more a stylistic sign and that makes her work immediately recognizable, a stimulus to creativity and human growth. The purity of the shapes and the compositional solution, the executive essentiality that characterize the artist's work, show us how it is possible to get free from the superfluous and not fundamental. Cho Hui-Chin's creative vein translates into pure contemporary painting by performing an original and non-emulative study with a varied and articulated score.

Sometimes the concept softens and acquires a delicate metaphysical consistency highlighting the artist's constant desire to let emerge a tokyo vanity weight loss evolution increasingly aimed at a strongly intimidating vision of making art. Her works are the result of a personal reworking ability, by analyzing with care everything around her, respecting spaces and dimensions, not without a hint of aulic poetic lyricism at the bottom.

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A personal vision of reality that shines through with special care for balance and harmony in order to enclose small details, or better, choices according to her own exclusive ideal vision of things and life. Her work represents a piece of the construction of a thought, being able to communicate an emotion without attributing something definite. An artistic language conceived as an expression and self-projection.

An active dialogue between technique and poetry in a dreamlike, psychic, performative and structural dimension to outline a story woven of desire and continuity of a research very rich in artistic preparation and passion.

I choose the dives to the heart, the chills in the stomach, the races on the clouds and the colors out of the margins" cit.

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Fabrizio Caramagna The world we create in our dreams during the night is influenced by our way of being, by the experiences lived in life and during the day. But inevitably dreams also influence the thoughts of the next day, our desires: we would all like our dreams to take shape in the real world.

For the Spanish artist David Ortiz Fuertes, dreams inspire the works presented here. With his works David opens a window on his world and on the most intimate part of himself.

The inspiration is extremely evident in these works, in which David seems to transport us to another world, with unclear outlines and lines. The choice of colors and their shades accompany us on this journey.