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Would appreciate confirmation on whether this is a genuine memo :- UPDATE Considering the first 2 commentsI would put it on the light spoof side of the news. My past life as Deputy Secretary of Defense under Donald Rumsfeld has taught me the importance of carrying out a plan with unwavering certainty.

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In that regard, I am writing to you with a stern warning. It has come to my attention that many of you are turning your internet browsers to TradeSports. I hope you understand that any attempt by World Bank Staff to buy or sell these contracts will be considered insider trading in clear violation of my anti-corruption guidelines.

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  • Он собирался забраться так далеко на юг, насколько позволит мобиль, а уж остальную часть пути они должны были проделать пешком.

Your knowledge of normal World Bank personnel procedures gives you a clear information advantage in predicting whether I will be forced to resign. You must not abuse it. This is a bet that my friend, the U. Attorney General, will hang on through end My emphatic answer is no!

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You would still be guilty of insider trading on your Bank-specific knowledge. I hope that by now, most of you have accepted my sincere apology for the unusual pay and promotion package given two years ago to your colleague, Ms.

Shaha Riza. That is, when I arrived here from my position helping to plan and manage the Iraq war for the Bush administration.

I have acknowledged my mistakes at my present job, that isand asked for your understanding. Please do regard my small slip as providing moral cover for poor developing-country client states that are not able to meet the good governance conditions dr g s weight loss wellness doral ask before disbursing aid.

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  • Salute e Cura - Doral, Stati Uniti
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  • Хилвар сбросил одежду, и Олвин впервые увидел, насколько разнятся две ветви человечества.

I trust you have not been unduly influenced by the recent letter calling for my immediate resignation, signed by forty-two former World Bank managing directors, senior vice-presidents, vice-presidents, and directors. Thank goodness most of you have tired of wearing those silly blue protest ribbons.

E proprio grazie agli archivi di Stephen Mindich, direttore della rivista, e a David Bieber, art director radiofonico, oggi The Verb è diventato anche uno spazio espositivo di memorabilia musicali, con vecchi LP, poster di concerti, locandine, pass per backstage, chitarre elettriche e giradischi nella hall, dove troneggia anche un jukebox degli anni Cinquanta perfettamente funzionante.

And what about the claim that my deputy, New Zealander Graeme Wheeler, told me I should resign at a supposedly-closed senior staff meeting last week? Let me fill you in on the facts of life.

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We Americans may hold only 16 percent of the shares at the World Bank, but we insist on keeping its presidency as our birthright.

So what if there might be better qualified candidates from the developing world or Asia?

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I am tired of hearing people say that South African finance minister Trevor Manuel would be far more effective in my job than I am. Trevor is a good guy, but dream on.

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He has neither the right passport nor the right friends. Tricky question, but the bottom line is that your employment generally precludes political activity of this type.

Мой народ выяснил о нем уже немало, хотя еще неизвестно, что же он собой представляет. Но в одном мы можем быть уверены - он настроен дружелюбен и был рад обнаружить. Нам незачем опасаться. После этой вспышки наступила недолгая тишина, и несколько смущенный Хилвар успокоился.

You will be relieved to know, however, that I have already instructed the Bank legal staff to allow exceptions to the insider trading rules for anyone who can demonstrate a truly compelling need to hedge against a change at the White House. Thank you for your kind attention, and I appreciate your continuing to focus on your important work in relieving poverty during this unfortunate episode.